• ADW-2014 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2014 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2013 F1 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2012 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2012 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2010 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2010 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2010 maszyny do termoizolacji
  • ADW-2003 Maszyna do wdmuchu wełny
  • ADW-2005 Maszyna do wdmuchu wełny
  • PONY Maszyna do wdmuchu wełny
  • ADW-2005 Maszyna do wdmuchu wełny
  • ADW-2005 Maszyna do wdmuchu wełny
  • ADW-2005 Maszyna do wdmuchu wełny

“Technical Specifications” folder


The new model of machine ADW 2013 and ADW 2014, technical details in the folder.

Model ADW2010 for pneumatic injection of wool

Check our latest development: machine ADW 2010 for the application of heat-insulating coatings

Visit our YouTube channel for more video clips.http://www.youtube.com/user/TerexPL

TEREX Michal Kaminski has been in business since 1990.
We specialize in manufacturing machines for pneumatic handling of insulating materials and spraying wet coatings. We also improve thermal efficiency of buildings by injecting (blowing in) insulating and fire-proofing materials.
Building on our experience we have been designing highly reliable machines for handling many types of insulating materials. We offer units of different types, capacities and sizes, driven by combustion or electric motors.

Thanks to the long experience with using our own machines we were able to improve their designs to perfectly fit the requirements of our industry: thermal efficiency upgrade contractors applying pneumatic injection and wet spraying methods.
Our machines are affordable and competitive.

Models ADW 2003, ADW 2005 and ADW 2010, ADW 2013 are designed for pneumatic injection of granulated insulating materials such as:

  • Glass wool
  • Rock wool
  • Wood wool
  • Cellulose fibers
  • Styrofoam pellets
  • Etc

Models ADW 2012 HD, ADW 2014 are used for wet spraying various types of heat-insulating and fire-proofing materials.

  • DOSSOLAN 2000S

Fire-resistant coatings can be used for securing openwork and hollow steel structures, trapezoid plates, ferroconcrete or ceramic roofs.

Wet-sprayed heat-insulating coatings are used to complete the process of thermal efficiency improvement by additionally insulating roofs of in-house cellars and garages.

We design and make machines to custom orders. Our lead times are 4-8 weeks.

In 2007-2010 we manufactured cellulose pellets: a product known as “CELTER”

Refer to the “Technical Specifications” and “Applications” sections of our www.celter.pl site for additional details of the product.

The experience we have learned in our industry enabled us to develop a manufacturing line of our own design. We are looking for partners interested in purchasing this product.

We also distribute mineral wools by PAROC POLSKA Sp. z o.o., SAINT - GOBAIN ISOVER POLSKA Sp. z o.o., URSA POLSKA Sp. z o.o., KNAUF INSULATION Sp. z o.o., ROCKWOOL POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

We are looking for trading and contracting partners in Europe

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Visit www.terex.pl for additional details.